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Joe Sverapa
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Clean Age Minerals Inc. Zeolite based ReNuGen is used in several of the patented process of Enviro/Sci Corporation, both nationally and internationally under the ReNuGen(tm) section for waste water design, increase capacity and technical support, please visit:

G&B Janitorial Supply
Building 9w
9 Chimney Rock Road
Bridgewater, NJ 08807


William G. Smith
Enviro/Sci Corporation
PO Box 2063
Southeastern, PA 19399-2063
(610) 704 7448
e-mail:[email protected]
Enviro/Sci Corp provides a broad range of services in the environmental field. Its major area of expertise is in wastewater treatment, process optimization, troubleshooting, data management, software for reporting and operator training.

Wayne Simpson
The Alaimo Group
200 High Street
Mount Holly, NJ 08060
(609) 267 8310
e-mail: [email protected]
Alaimo Group provides water and wastewater engineering services to Enviro/Sci Corp. for application of its technology and services.

DR. Dipanker Sen
Aquifas Wastewater Modeling Software
[email protected]
The Aquifas wastewater system has been employed by Enviro/Sci Corp for the past 6 years. specific mathematic models have been developed for the Enviro/Sci corp patented process for both design and operation of the process.

About Clean Age Minerals

Clean Age Minerals, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Daleco Resources Corporation, controls and mines industrial minerals Kaolin and Clinoptilolite Zeolite. More »


Joe Sverapa
Telephone: (551)265-5013
email: [email protected]


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