CA –Series - Patented Products to Remediate Hazardous Materials

All Natural Patented formulations are engineered to remediate hazardous materials to meet  Environmental Protection Agency and state environmental agencies required quality control regulations for air, land and water.

Naturally occurring Clinoptilolite Zeolite is the primary component of all the formulations.

CA Series are proven effective in changing many hazardous metals to a non hazardous state, through molecular sieving and/or absorption/adsorption and ionic exchange processes as well as reducing volatile and extractable petroleum hydrocarbons.

  • Certified laboratory testing has proved that the CA-Series can transform hazardous materials and heavy metals from a hazardous or toxic state to a non-hazardous or non-toxic state.
  • Air: Filters for gas emissions.
  • Land: River beds, industrial and rail right-of-way, and land fills.
  • Water: Industrial waste water streams, holding ponds.
  • The proprietary formulations are; CA-1 – CA-6.

For additional information and substances CA series product is capable of treating, please contact us.

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