Waste water treatment facilities that are approaching maximum capacity or need to increase their overall efficiency without undertaking considerable capital investment.

ReNuGen™ is part of the patented CA-Series remediation product line. ReNuGen™ is an all-natural highly porous blend of minerals which removes contaminants from solution by both ion exchange and surface adsorption. Added to the flow equalization tank of waste water treatment plants, ReNuGen™ provids a simple, low impact method for upgrading the facility

Usage Impact:
Based on the utilization of recommended dosage levels of ReNuGen™ of not less than forty (40) pounds of ReNuGen™ per 100,000 gallons of capacity, results have been achieved as follows:

  • Improves of treatment plant capacity- on order of 24%
  • Removes Ammonia by over 50%
  • Average MLSS (mixed liquor volatile solids) increase up to 32%
  • Improves effluent BOD improved - up to 24%
  • Improves TSS (Total suspended solids) after clarification – improved up to 51%
  • Replaces alum and polymer flocculants
  • Removes turbidity, silt, algae (bio-particle) & TOCs from surface water
  • Enhances clarification performance; decreases filter bed solids loading

Physical Properties:

  • Mineral: A proprietary blend of natural Clinoptilolite based minerals
  • Mesh size: - 30 (fine powder)
  • Color/odor: White/none
  • Surface absorption: Hydrophilic
  • Surface Area: 24.9 m^2/ gram
  • GRAS: Classified "GRAS" (generally regarded as safe) under 21 CFR part 182.2729, 40 CFR part 180.1001 and 29CFR part 1910.1200

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